1 FaroArm Platinum Inspection Arm
1.8 Mtr 6 Axis inspection arm using the latest CAM2 Q software

1 Kafo Vertical Machining Center
32 Station tool changer with Fanuc 15M control
Traverse X 2100mm Y 800mm Z 800 mm

1 Correa CF-17D Bed Mill Vertical And Horizontal Machine
TNC 455 Control with digital drives
Traverse X 2000mm Y 800mm Z 900mm

2 Bridgeport’s Interact 4 Mk2 Vertical Machines
TNC 155 Control
Traverse X 750mm Y 450mm Z 150mm

1 SMX 3500 BED MILL Fitted with Proto Track SMK3 control
Traverse X 770mm Y 500mm

1 SMX 3000 SLV TURRET MILL Fitted with Proto Track SMK2 control
Traverse X 1016mm Y 431mm

1 High Speed & High Precision AI Wire-cut Electric Discharge Machine
Fanuc Robocut Traverse X 550mm Y 370mm Z 310mm

1 Euro Spark 900 50amp Erosion Machine
Tank size X 550 x Y 350 Z 300 (can also spark along the X axis)

1 Large Surface Grinder XYZ 1224
Magnetic Chuck size 600mm X 300mm

3 Bridgeport Turret Mills with Digital Readout

1 Milwaukee Heavy Duty Milling Machine
Traverse X 1000mm Y 600mm Z 400mm

1 Manual Lathe
Largest Swing 600 mm Dia 150 mm wide

1 SMX 2000 TURRET MILL Fitted with Proto Track SMK2 control
Traverse X 762mm Y 406mm

1 KRV2000 Fitted With Proto Trak MX2 Control
Traverse X 850mm Y 300mm

1 Mazak Quick Turn 15 with Mazatrol Cam T-2 Control
With auto bar feeder

1 Bridgeport ITL400 CNC Lathe
Swing 400 mm dia

1 Startrite Horizontal Saw
Largest Diameter Bar 250 mm
Largest Bar Size 400 mm X 250 mm

1 Large Vertical Band Saw with traverse