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About Brier Engineering

Brier Engineering have been involved in the engineering world since 1985 and have progressed from a small 2-man enterprise to a modern well equipped factory employing 15 staff and from a handful of customers to over 20 plus regular customers.

Working within ISO 9001:2008 Brier produce for many varied industries including, Aerospace, Automotive, Bakery, Packaging, Nuclear, Rubber moulding, Medical and Pharmaceutical. Central to Brier Engineering’s varied abilities is their versatility.

Capacity includes various CNC Milling, CNC Turning and EDM Wiring and Sparking machines complement the Conventional Milling, Turning, Surface Grinding and Fitting sections. With such equipment Brier is capable of producing many varied components and complex sub-assemblies to exacting standards.

We have also invested in modern computer technology that gives us the capability to offer complete design of any fixtures or special purpose machines that the customer may require. This Coupled with the two seats of Freeform Machining allows us to get from computer to machining parts effortlessly.

We take on small and large batches of work as well as “one off” jobs, no matter what the quantity of work being carried out the quality is always to the highest standard.


Quality CNC Machining

Brier Engineering provide a complete CNC machining solution along with a precision machining solution for complex component manufacture, component assemblies and precision parts throughout the UK and worldwide.

Customer Focussed

At Brier Engineering our customer-focused approach helps to ensure that products we manufacture meet customer expectations from the initial design and concept to the end of the products life.

Manufacturing Experience

CNC milling and turning have been the core service at Brier Engineering for over 20 years. Our team of engineers produce quality components on time and at competitive rates. Working to high standards and striving to be the best they can be.

A Range of Engineering Services Under One Umbrella

At Brier Engineering we pride ourselves on being able to offer, under one umbrella all the facilities shown on this website, plus 3D SolidWorks CAD Design, with the capability to utilise client’s data for remote CNC work.

CNC Milling

CNC Turning

Wire Eroding

Jig & Fixture Design

Manual Milling, Turning & Grinding

Fitting & Assembly

Our Comprehensive Plant List

1 FaroArm Platinum Inspection Arm
1.8 Mtr 6 Axis inspection arm using the latest CAM2 Q software

1 Kafo Vertical Machining Center
32 Station tool changer with Fanuc 15M control
Traverse X 2100mm Y 800mm Z 800 mm

1 Correa CF-17D Bed Mill Vertical And Horizontal Machine
TNC 455 Control with digital drives
Traverse X 2000mm Y 800mm Z 900mm

2 Bridgeport’s Interact 4 Mk2 Vertical Machines
TNC 155 Control
Traverse X 750mm Y 450mm Z 150mm

1 SMX 3500 BED MILL Fitted with Proto Track SMK3 control
Traverse X 770mm Y 500mm

1 SMX 3000 SLV TURRET MILL Fitted with Proto Track SMK2 control
Traverse X 1016mm Y 431mm

1 High Speed & High Precision AI Wire-cut Electric Discharge Machine
Fanuc Robocut Traverse X 550mm Y 370mm Z 310mm

1 Euro Spark 900 50amp Erosion Machine
Tank size X 550 x Y 350 Z 300 (can also spark along the X axis)

1 Large Surface Grinder XYZ 1224
Magnetic Chuck size 600mm X 300mm

3 Bridgeport Turret Mills with Digital Readout

1 Milwaukee Heavy Duty Milling Machine
Traverse X 1000mm Y 600mm Z 400mm

1 Manual Lathe
Largest Swing 600 mm Dia 150 mm wide

1 SMX 2000 TURRET MILL Fitted with Proto Track SMK2 control
Traverse X 762mm Y 406mm

1 KRV2000 Fitted With Proto Trak MX2 Control
Traverse X 850mm Y 300mm

1 Mazak Quick Turn 15 with Mazatrol Cam T-2 Control
With auto bar feeder

1 Bridgeport ITL400 CNC Lathe
Swing 400 mm dia

1 Startrite Horizontal Saw
Largest Diameter Bar 250 mm
Largest Bar Size 400 mm X 250 mm

1 Large Vertical Band Saw with traverse

Where are Brier Engineering located?

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Our Address

Brier Engineering Ltd

Units 1-3 Kirby Road,
Lomeshaye Industrial Estate,

Tel:01282 699004
Fax: 01282 611377


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Individual Contacts

Fred Bunn: Director
Andrew Buffey: Works Manager
Alan Ainsworth: Design Manager

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